What Types Of Counseling Can Help Your Child Recover From Trauma?

If your child has recently experienced a traumatic event -- the death of a loved one, the divorce of you and your spouse, or violence in the local community -- he or she may be acting out in normal but upsetting ways. In some situations, these new behaviors can even have implications for your child's health. Stool hoarding and self-mutilation are two potential manifestations of the complex emotions your child may be experiencing. [Read More]

3 Unusual Resting Place Options With Cremation

Determining your own final resting place is sometimes difficult to do, particularly when you choose to be cremated. The usual choices, interment in a mausoleum or having your ashes scattered, may be a little bit dull based on how you lived the rest of your life. The good news is that there are quite a few other options if you're interested in giving your friends and family a more exotic way of remembering you after you're gone. [Read More]

Loveless Marriage Due To No Sexual Drive? 2 Ways You Can Get Some Help

Sex is a very important part of a marriage, and if you have lost your sexual drive it can lead to problems. Before this happens, you should seek some help. The ways below may help you get your love life back again. Sex Therapist A sex therapist can be very beneficial in helping you and your spouse with any sexual problems you may have. He or she can sit down and talk with each of you to figure out why one of you does not have any sexual drive. [Read More]